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February Fitness Fundraiser

56 sessions. 28 days. One great cause Recently I have experienced loss at the hands of depression and anxiety and sadly it is not the first time. Did you know that one in three people experiencing depression and/or anxiety at some point in their life? For the month of February I will be partaking in […]


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What is YOLO: an excellent concept slaughtered by pop culture

If you haven’t heard someone shout the word YOLO or read it as a hashtag on Twitter or Instagram then chances are you have being living under a rock. For those who have been living under a rock then YOLO is an acronym that pop culture has developed for the term “You Only Live Once”. […]

Brisbane Blogcademy – come at me

I am a sassy blogger and recruiter on the South Coast of NSW and the only other country I have travelled to (so far) is Fiji. I dream of New York and decorate my house accordingly but this dream is sadly a few years off. I dream of being a blogger entrepreneur but am super happy […]



It’s okay to make a decision and then change your mind

When you make a decision and you feel so strongly that it is the right decision and you swear that you have considered every option as to why that decision is the best one, sometimes God can come along and blow down the house of carefully stacked cards you thought were glued together. It is […]

101 legendary date ideas for you to do with your partner

There are a great number of things that you can do with your partner. Sometimes though we get stuck in a rut or pattern or habit and do the same thing with the same partner all the time. Eventually this gets boring and often boredom can be the root cause for many arguements with your […]

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Ingham 218

29 Adventure activities for you to add to your bucket list

  8. Paragliding 9. Bungy jumping 10. Ocean kayaking 11. Sydney Harbour Bridge Climbing 12. Caving – such as the adventure cave tours at Jenolan Caves. 13. Scuba diving 14. Deep sea diving 15. Jet boating 16. Rockclimbing 17. Rally car racing 18. Dirtbike riding 19. 4 wheel driving 20. Trekking/Bushwalking 21. White water rafting […]