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The opportunity of my life

What if I told you that for $75 you could get the opportunity of your life? What if I told you that for that $75 price tag you got incredible freebies and value beyond the money you paid? What if I told you that the $75 gave you an opportunity that allowed you to put God […]


personalblackmail after

Personal Blackmail: How I motivated myself to hit the gym

 12 weeks ago I wrote a blog about how I was  going to use personal blackmail to ensure that I  would get to the gym or workout at least four  times a week for 12 weeks to get myself into the  habits of exercising again. The blackmail  involved a $3000 bet that I was hoping […]

Does size matter

As many of you probably realise by now I am not a fashion blogger, however, this does not mean I love clothes any less. I was very intrigued when I stumbled across THIS article regarding uniform sizing in Australia and the fact it was a too hard basket and supposedly pointless exercise. What intrigued me […]

Fat-Shaming is wrong but are you happy?

With a recent attack of fat-shaming on a news presenter in America having gone viral, there are many girls defending her very well-worded stance and slamming the idea of fat-shaming someone. I think the focus is all wrong. To be blunt and straight to the point I think any kind of insert-descriptor-here shaming is wrong. […]