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If there is no space for your business, (1)

The first steps from passion to paycheck

  From passion to paycheck – getting paid to do something you love can be the most thrilling thing in the entire universe. Almost nothing can exceed the rush of endorphins and warm fuzzy goodness that ensues after you really finally make it happen and make your first dollar doing something you love. But given the way society ingrains in us to go down the 9-5 or trade route, it can feel like an extremely foreign concept that you can (and YOU will) make money from working your passion if you really want to! It is totally possible to turn […]

Informational Interviews

What is an Informational Interview and how can it help you get ahead?

When it comes time to transition back into the workforce, into a new industry or career path entirely or whether you are preparing to step on (or off) the career ladder for the first time one of the most useful pieces of arsenal in your career transition toolbox is the Informational Interview. Often a Job Interview can appear to be a big scary thing and often you will feel nervous because all the focus will be on you and your answers to mostly unknown questions. With an Informational interview the questioning is all in your court. On the other hand […]


What is your dharma? or What is your life purpose?

I first came across this phrase in Thick Face Black Heart and depending on which avenue you explore it can be loosely translated into the western world as Cosmic Law and Order. In our daily lives we must follow our Dharma in our current circumstances despite our dreams and goals of more from where we are. A dharma is individual and different for everybody but it can simply mean your purpose in your current role of life. People can have opposing dharma’s and yet neither of their actions are wrong. The example given in Thick Face Black Heart is that […]

Get on top of YOUR game

  Too many of us fall into the trap that we have to wait. Wait for the right time; wait to be rescued; wait for permission. So much so, that we don’t allow ourselves to be the leading lady (or man) in our own lives. By letting ourselves be consumed by people, jobs, habits we loathe and love and the little dramas of everyday life we give away our power. This is power over our reactions and perceptions. It is almost as if we care more about getting, having and doing that we forget about just being us. Feeling the […]

Don’t quit your job – yet

  There is always so much talk about why you should just quit a job you hate. That you should take off on a new path. Send out applications. Take the interviews. And get yourself a NEW job. But what about if you tried something different first? Instead of finding the first job you can that seems better environment, money, opportunity then what you are currently in, take a good hard look at yourself. Have you truly tried to change where you are? Is the problem the role/colleague/boss/company/opportunity/etc OR is the problem your own closed in perceptions of the role […]

Should I QUIT my job?

This is such a loaded phrase in the land of jobs. You are on a great career trajectory, on great income and yet somehow it isn’t enough. There is something about the company or your role or even inwardly in yourself that is niggling at you. You aren’t alone by the way. Even if you can’t nail down exactly what it is that you aren’t sure about, people feel this way all the time throughout their careers. It is normal, it is human. You can’t expect one company or one job to leave you feeling full for the rest of […]

The 11 Career Transitions you will go through in life

  Graduate – Whether you a finishing high school at year 10 or 12 or in the last semester at university, if you aren’t already working part time in the dream industry this is quite a scary and important transition. Going from study into the full time workforce can be a bit of a shock and unless you are one of the blessed ones who knows their true calling from a young age you will be heavily influenced by your parents, other relatives and friends. Just remember to start saving 10% of every pay packet now (trust me your future […]

Shattered Confidence – a tale of workplace bullying

This is a fictionalised story based on real events as told to Kitty Tonkin. No names or identifiers have been used to protect the privacy of this darling individual. It was very surprising to me when I first learned that workplace bullying wasn’t just a term thrown around in HR policies and that it was a reality for too many. I guess it was naïve of me to think that it didn’t really happen. Part of me thought that these women whose workplace bullying stories I had heard must be weak, not assertive enough or are just using it as […]


The opportunity of my life

What if I told you that for $75 you could get the opportunity of your life? What if I told you that for that $75 price tag you got incredible freebies and value beyond the money you paid? What if I told you that the $75 gave you an opportunity that allowed you to put God first, your family second and your Career third? What if you knew that the $75 guaranteed you an opportunity where you were in business for yourself but never by yourself? What if I told you that this was not a scam, not a pyramid scheme, […]


5 networking tips that you need to know

  Networking can be a scary prospect to some people and a normal process for others, but are you actually getting the most out of the events you attend? Regardless of whether your knees go weak at the thought of mingling through a room full of strangers, or your reasons for networking in the first place, there are ways to ensure you get the most out of every networking experience. Here are five key ways that you can get the process down to a fine art. Body Language. There are a couple of things that you need to do to […]