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The opportunity of my life

What if I told you that for $75 you could get the opportunity of your life? What if I told you that for that $75 price tag you got incredible freebies and value beyond the money you paid? What if I told you that the $75 gave you an opportunity that allowed you to put God […]


11 reasons why you didn’t get the job – and how to fix it for next time

Someone was already on the recruitment database and they are just fishing for resumes. Your resume had a spelling error. Your resume didn’t actually highlight the skills you thought were needed for the job. You didn’t actually follow the exact instructions in the job advertisement. There were indeed hundreds of similarly qualified candidates so they […]

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How to define your target market

  You may be an experienced salesman (or woman!) either working for the big corporate or going at it on your own in the incredible world of entrepreneurialism, but somehow you think your business is lacking. Your sales numbers are not where you would like them to be. Your subscriber numbers – what subscribers? And […]

Women’s corporate attire for interviews

Somehow your resume made it through the shortlisting process and you have been called up for interview – now whether that interview is with the manager of the department, head of HR or a recruitment agency – first impressions count! If you rock up to a corporate interview in inappropriate attire then baby you are […]


Fear of Success

Your fear of success is just a myth

“ Success increases your freedom, your income, your happiness, your spirituality; but only if you let it.” If you are anything like me than at some stage in your time on this earth you have feared success. Don’t deny it. You know that fear of success is the excuse you used to not compete in […]

The ultra simple guide to starting a business

 All you need to start a business is someone who is willing to  pay for what you have. Make the transaction. Give it your  best service. From there find additional people who are  willing to pay for your service. Business is really that  simple. The more people who want to pay for your service  or […]